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CloakHire is a platform designed to automate split-fee arrangements between recruiters. It is not a pool. You connect and work only with those organizations that you trust. Further, you control your own data, sharing only as much as you deem fit. Using CloakHire, you can coordinate much more efficiently with other recruiters to place candidates into jobs. And with CloakHire, you can easily find other recruiters to work with, expanding your opportunities. Both of these factors, more efficient coordination and increased opportunities, help satisfy CloakHire’s primary goal: increasing your revenue. That is also why CloakHire only charges a modest fee and does not take any percentage of your placement fees.

CloakHire is a recruiter only platform. Candidates and employers do not have access to the site. Work only with people who know your business and share your goals. Sign up with CloakHire today and start building your recruiter network.


CloakHire was built for recruiters and incorporates data privacy as a fundamental feature. No data is ever submitted to a pool. You decide who to share data with and how much data you are willing to share. Candidate data is always private to the originator. It can only be revealed when you elect to share and only to those parties you choose. You can elect to share job title and compensation data to the entire CloakHire user group to facilitate connections. Otherwise, job data is treated with the same safeguards as candidate data.

CloakHire analyzes your data to make connection recommendations, but no specific job or candidate data is revealed. CloakHire also uses your data for aggregate reporting. Again, no specific job or candidate data is revealed. Unlike many other software services, CloakHire does not track users and does not sell any data to third parties for advertising. CloakHire understands that data is one of your most important assets. We value your business and we value your privacy.


When recruiters work with each other, best practice requires that they enter into a contract to clearly identify each party’s rights and responsibilities. So when parties connect with each other on CloakHire, they enter into a contract. CloakHire has provided a model contract for its users incorporating the typical terms found in split-fee agreements. If the parties use the model contract at the time of connection, they will be required to specify and agree on a few important business terms: division of placement fees, time for non-solicitation, continuation period and venue. The parties may also choose to use their own contract in lieu of the model contract. In either case, the parties will be prompted to review and agree to terms when they enter into a specific job/candidate sharing arrangement.

Now for the disclaimer. Each recruiter is different and CloakHire cannot anticipate each recruiter’s situation. CloakHire does not give legal advice. Whether you elect to use the model contract or a custom contract, we advise you to obtain legal advice pertinent to your specific needs.