Do You Allow Your Prospects to Say ‘No’?

By November 20, 2018 June 3rd, 2019 No Comments

"No" sign
How do you define a successful sales call? Is it reaching a “yes”? A “no”? Your answer should be: both. The faster you can come to a “no” with a prospect, the faster you can move on. Don’t waste your time trying to force a “no” to a “yes”, spend time finding the “yes” prospects instead.
Sometimes prospects are thinking “no” before they hear what the seller has to say. The best way to get yourself heard, and we mean actually heard, is to give the prospect an out. Here is why:
Typically the buyer, in a selling situation, is afraid of being sold something they don’t want or need. This rings especially true when he or she didn’t make contact with the seller first.
Why don’t buyers just say “no”? They often feel they can’t say “no” because it is rude and they don’t want to hurt the person on the receiving end. This is true in many cases outside of a selling scenario as well. “No” seems too harsh, too direct, and standoffish.
This rational fear triggers the Buyer’s Cycle, and the seller is left awkwardly spouting information to the buyer in hopes of changing their mind. So how do sellers alleviate a buyer’s fear?
It’s simple. Tell them it is okay to say, “no” and it won’t hurt your feelings. You can part ways as friends. Allow your prospects to let the word flow freely from their mouths. If, while you’re getting to know them, you realize you might not be the best fit, make sure you extend the same courtesy to yourself (the salesperson).
If you mean it, your prospects will relax. They will feel less pressured and will open up to your suggestions, questions, and ideas. It’s amazing. Give it a try.