• How is it different than my current recruiting software?

    CloakHire is specifically built for trading and generating split-fee agreements. There are no “pools” for candidates or jobs. Each organization creates their own network, similar to other networking sites, and trades through their network. All information sharing is limited until contracts are in place between partners. There are some candidate tracking features, however, we are not intending to be an extensive ATS.

  • Who can see my candidates, clients, and jobs?

    Initially, only you. Once you start establishing contracts you choose what information to share with your connected organizations.

  • How much does it cost?

    $40/month per member recruiter. 1st month is free for trial period.

  • Does CloakHire take a percentage of my split fee agreement?

    No, unlike other split placement tools, CloakHire doesn’t take any cut.

  • Is there an initial fee/sign-up fee?

    No, there is no sign-up fee.

  • What is length of membership?

    No defined terms, as long as you pay the monthly fee, you are a member.

  • How is my information protected?

    The site is TLS protected (most people know the predecessor, SSL), with all calls to the database using an HMAC encrypted message authentication code. Within the system, contracts are required for a network connection and job shares. There are legal actions that can be taken if someone solicits your clients, or tries to place your candidates without your consent (or places them and does not pay). You can use our contracts, or you can upload your own contracts.

  • Is it available on my phone?

    Yes. CloakHire is designed as a responsive website, so it can be used on a mobile browser.