Recruitment Network Software: Who’s It For?

By January 22, 2019 June 3rd, 2019 No Comments

If you work for a recruitment agency, or you are an independent recruiter, you have no shortage of recruitment network platforms to choose from.

There are a wealth of places where job seekers, hiring managers, and the recruiters that connect them are able to meet and negotiate.

That being said, that means that every software or platform faces a choice when it comes to which one of those audiences to focus on. And not all of them are favorable to recruiters!

So let’s take a look at the different focuses for the different recruitment network software that’s available out there, so that you can make an informed decision about which is the right one for you.

Recruitment Network Sites For Job Seekers

The first type of recruitment network software is focused on the job seeker.

These platforms are all about getting as many candidates to sign up as possible, so they can build up a giant wealth of resumes. (Think platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn, for example.)

What makes them attractive to candidates? The prospect of hiring managers and recruiters coming to them. You post your resume and let the job come to you!

However, this leads to a very poor experience for the average recruiter.

When every candidate is flooded with recruiters, some of them recruiting for the same exact position, it turns into a feeding frenzy for agencies and independent recruiters. You’re trying to fight for the attention of top talent? So are a ton of other recruiters.

These candidate pools don’t lead to the results you want or expect from a recruitment network software.

Recruitment Network Sites For Hiring Managers

On the opposite side of this spectrum, we have recruitment software that’s predominantly focused on hiring managers.

These are the job boards. (Think sites like ZipRecruiter or Bounty Jobs.) They’re all about posting the most attractive jobs. Jobs jobs jobs. Post jobs all day long, and watch the job seekers come flocking to you.

If you’re a hiring manager, or an overworked HR department, this is great, right? After all, you get a plethora of candidates to choose from and a much greater shot at finding a great fit.

If you’re a recruiter? Again, not the best situation.

If job managers are already receiving a metric ton of resumes from individual job seekers, they’re also going to be bombarded by recruiters. (Some of them might even have the same candidate in mind!)

As a result, the hiring manager can get overwhelmed, and refuse to communicate. Or they may have so many people to respond to that it becomes difficult to build a true exclusive relationship with a client in order to take the time to find them the best talent.

Split-Fee Recruitment Sites… For Recruiters?

However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Recruitment network software designed specifically to encourage cooperation between specialized independent recruiters and recruitment agencies in order to make mutually beneficial job placements.

When a recruiter with an exclusive relationship with a client meets another recruiter with the best fit for the job, magic happens.

A job seeker finds a great position. A hiring manager gets the top talent they need for their business. Both recruiters work out a mutually beneficial contract, splitting the placement fee and coming out ahead.

This is an arrangement that works well in other industries. (Take realtors as a prime example.) So why couldn’t job recruiters thrive with the same conditions?

That’s why we built CloakHire.

CloakHire is a recruiting platform designed to connect recruiters, to expand their opportunities and make split-fees simple. We don’t take a cut, and we’re for Recruiters only – no hiring managers or candidates navigating the platform.

That means no feeding frenzies. No candidate pools or job boards. Just recruiters, working together.

Join the CloakHire community today for free, and start building your recruiting network!