The Biggest Problem Facing Job Recruiters

By October 16, 2018 No Comments

If you’re a job recruiter, you most likely have a problem.

There are no shortages of job seekers out there. And there are plenty of hiring managers who are looking for top talent.

So what’s the problem?

Job Recruiters’ #1 Problem: Working A Full Desk

Well, you may not have enough of one or the other.

A wealth of candidates with no positions, or an excess of open positions with no candidates to fill them. Either scenario can keep a great recruiter from getting paid.

A full desk recruiter will work with both candidates and clients, and help bring them together. However, most job recruiters tend to be better at one of those things than the other.

Some recruiters love to find clients, (working with them on a contingent basis, or as a retained recruiter,)  but they struggle to find the best candidates to fill the positions.

Some recruiters are great at locating unknown top talent. They source like a champ. They use boolean search algorithms like recruiting wizards to find diamonds in the rough… but they don’t always have relevant placements for them.

The Solution? Job Recruiters Working Together

How to fix the problem?

Well, traditionally, the answer would be for a recruiter to hire more people for their recruiting firm, to pick up the slack where it’s needed.

But hiring employees is expensive, and hardly a guarantee of success.

However, there is a more obvious solution: connecting with recruiters to grow stronger together.

The answer is to get those two specialized recruiters to work together. To get the recruiter with excess candidates to work out a split-fee deal with the recruiter with excess positions to fill.

It’s as simple as picking up the phone and making a deal, right?


Why Split-Fee Agreements Aren’t That Simple

There are a fair amount of recruiters that show some understandable hesitation at the thought of pursuing split-fee agreements.

After all, in the past, it’s been pretty easy to get burned by other recruiters and get stuck with some pretty awful deals. And nobody likes being taken advantage of… especially when the whole purpose of the deal was to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

And then there’s the issue of platform. Most career placement platforms and job boards are, quite frankly, terrible for job recruiters to use.

Most platforms are either directed at the client, allowing them to post jobs to lure in top talent; or they are directed at the candidates, giving them a wealth of jobs to apply for.

Neither are set up to reflect a recruiter’s needs. And using traditional platforms to locate specialized recruiters to work with, and from there negotiating terms, is tedious at best.

And any platforms that keep recruiters in mind at all have steep monthly fees, limited support, and usually take a cut off any deal you reach while using their platform.

So most recruiters fumble on their own, or take on the excess cost of additional employees in order to grow.

A Split Fee Network For Recruiters

What’s missing is a split-fee network designed by and for professional job recruiters, to make working together quick, painless, and profitable.

That is, until now.

Introducing CloakHire. CloakHire is a job recruiting platform that allows you to build your own recruiter network, and quickly create split-fee agreements.

There are no candidate pools. No job boards. Nobody other than the job recruiters, working together to bring top talent to great jobs.

Instead of working to cut recruiters out of the equation, CloakHire gives recruiters the power and autonomy to grow their network, boost their fill rates, and increase their profits.

Since CloakHire is a secure platform, all recruiter information is private until a split-fee agreement is safely in place.

CloakHire provides professionally-crafted pro-forma contracts, or recruiters can choose to use their own.

And the best part: unlike other split-placement networks, CloakHire doesn’t take a cut of any arrangements. Recruiters make the deals, and recruiters keep the profit.

Join CloakHire Today

If you’re a full desk recruiter, happy with your current operation… keep doing what you’re doing.

If, however, you see the opportunity for growth, join CloakHire to expand your footprint, all while keeping overhead costs down.

Expand your reach within your niche. Break into new industries. Build your own personal network of recruiters based on the candidates and job opportunities you seek.

You choose your recruiting partners to build professional relationships that benefit both parties.

So start building your recruiting network! Try CloakHire now.